Disney: The Demonic Kingdom

On August 5th of this year, Disney aired an episode of Doc McStuffins, entitled “The Emergency Plan” which depicted a doll “family” with two lesbian mothers with two children. The entire premise of the show is focused around a young girl, referred to as Doc McStuffins, and pretends to act as a doctor and fix toys as a doctor would treat patients. In this episode, Doc and friends encounter a lesbian doll family where chaotic events cause the toys to react without much of an emergency plan to counter whatever may befall them. So, Doc and friends come to the rescue and show this unnatural family how to better prepare for emergencies as if seeing two mothers together with children is perfectly normal.

This is unfortunately nothing new for Disney, the organization has steadily pushed boundaries of depicting sexual immorality as common-place such as the newly released 'Beauty and the Beast' where Gaston's chummy buddy, Lefou, flamboyantly swaggers and flirts throughout much of the film. Even Disney's affiliate companies such as Pixar have hidden little gay 'easter-eggs' for the ever watchful and studious.

What can we say? Disney has played its hand and has come out to favor immorality, plain and simple. As Catholics, we have to recognize that this not just an opinion or a 'way of life' but rather a grievous sin that actually cries out for justice. In other words, God often abandoned whole nations for such sins as Sodomy. In fact, the flood in Noah's day was primarily due to 'unnatural givings in marriage' among other disordered lusts and passions. Sodom and Gomorrah also was smote into salt and dust because of this very sin that Disney so readily celebrates! There may even be those among us within the Church that say that Disney does more good than harm or the shows have more moral episodes than questionable ones. This may be so on a surface level but picture if you will a tall glass of ice cold water. Now imagine three drops of deadly poison is added to the water. Shall you drink this tainted water though you be thirsty? Well, there's more water than poison and hey...we're all going to die someday, right? Is this really the approach we want to walk our children through when it comes to their immortal soul? And not just their souls, but our own as parents as well. As St. Paul said,

“Who having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death: and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.” Romans 1:32

Can we as Catholics, who have been already revealed by God through His Church concerning the gravity of Sodomy, sincerely continue to ignore Disney's infatuation with immorality? How many more movies are we going to pay for and watch only to be subjugated to more and more sexual depravity cleverly sown into children stories? How many hours are we still going to dedicate to their channel or subscription which only stands as an affront to Objective Truth that which Jesus Christ established? Can you continue to support this Demonic Kingdom knowing that they consent and even openly promote mortal sin? If so, what does this mean for your soul since it is open and not secret any more. Do you ignore the rotten and decayed features of this Demonic Kingdom or do you see what the Church sees and regard it as an enemy of Christ?

It is indeed true what Our Lord said, “One cannot serve two masters...he will either love one and hate the other or cherish one and despise the other”. Thanks be to God that an easy choice has been placed before us; a line by which we can easily know where to stand.