Daily Catholic Advent Reflections: Day 3 Confession

By Sadeer Farjo

Prior to Christmas we busy ourselves with cleaning the house, preparing various baked goods, and getting presents for everyone on our list. Similarly, but more so we must prepare ourselves by getting a spiritual cleansing in the sacrament of Confession. Confession brings us back into God's Grace. Mortal sin prevents us from getting so much needed graces. Confession opens the door for us to receive those graces that we have been missing out on by reconciling us to God.

Many Christians believe that confession is a sacrament 'created' by the Catholic Church. By taking a look at a brief history of the sacrament of confession we know that the Sacrament of Confession is based on both historical and biblical Christianity. Many, not all, of these Christians who deny confession usually do so because they fear it. They fear telling a priest their sins. They fear feeling vulnerable. Remember Jesus came into this world as a baby, he relied on his mother and foster father for the simplest of things. We must not let our fear of confession block us from receiving God's graces.

"As the man whom the priest baptizes is enlightened by the grace of the Holy Ghost, so does he who in penance confesses his sins, receive through the priest forgiveness in virtue of the grace of Christ" (Frag. contra Novat. in P.G., XXVI, 1315). St. Athanasius (d. 373)