Daily Catholic Advent Reflections: Day 5 Humility

By Sadeer Farjo, based on my notes from Fulton Sheen's Way to Inner Peace, chapter 35

"Humility is truth, or seeing ourselves as we really are[.]" Fulton Sheen

Here are 4 signs that might suggest you lack humility:

1) You play out a dream where you are the hero

2) You decrease the value of others effort

3) You are excessively sensitive to personal insults

4) You lack compassion for other people's feelings

A humble person does not underestimate himself. A humble person judges himself by his Maker and his Maker intended him to be. A humble person does not get bothered when insulted by others because if he has made a mistake, then he will try to fix it. If the insult he received is not true, it will not hurt him. A humble person is usually not comfortable receiving praise because a humble person knows that his talents are God's gifts.