Daily Catholic Advent Reflections: Day 11 Near Occasion of Sin

By Sadeer Farjo

Do you struggle with committing the same sins over and over? A practical way of avoiding sin is by eliminating the circumstances that usually lead up to sin. A young man one time admitted to me that he has a hard time stopping himself from committing sexual sins with his girlfriend. It turned out most of his sins with his girlfriend happened while the two were alone together in the car. My advice to him was to avoid being alone with her in the car.

Removing yourself from circumstances that will lead you to sin makes it less likely for you to commit sin. If you struggle with gluttony then don't keep a fridge stocked with unhealthy foods. In addition to avoiding situations that will cause you to sin, place yourself in environments that will allow you to grow in holiness. Simply put, to stop committing the same sins over and over you should try the following:

1. Identity the circumstances that cause you to commit the sin.

2. If possible, avoid placing yourself in such situations.

3. Place yourself in situations that will allow you to grow in holiness.